Sep 23, 2022


Fate is a lost child
wrapped in newly woven webs
webs still tainted with mucus and blood
webs still capable of love
It calls you out
time and time again
let you wander and loiter in the maze
let you create your paradise
and watch it burn

Ashes line your sweaty palms
because you were terrified of moving on
still tangled in fiery hopes
bleeding in a sickening blue
you were never afraid
only terrified
of leaving the cocoon
that once bled on mine

But do not fear the lynching fate
as it goes deeper than your sins
farther than your ghostly dreams
As it continues to weave flimsy fibres
studded with saline crystals and hope
and you’ll come back to fear
one last time
and rest your paining head on it’s lap
let the pain drown out the noise




I love writing, music and grapes