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Song by Devika

I try my lovers coat on
It fits well on my wounds
I ain’t a soldier in the dark
But I can fight my soul
I borrowed a frame for the reaping
Thinking of the feeling I knew
They whisper my name in doubt and fear
What can we do about love

Well it seems I might not love your eyes
It reflects all the hate I have for you
Ropes and streams down the everyday street
Locked up in cages and cuffed up sleeves
I look at the walls with the fingerprints
It seems familiar but yet far away

I wrote my poem in a line or two
Everybody loves a poison
They can sip on two
Just lie and cry you’ll get what you wanted to
Just be careful not to be real
Or you might get mistaken for

Don’t be cold don’t be rude
Girls should smile and cry for boys
Not be drunk and out at night Or fighting for your rights
You are 27 not a baby to take care
You look 27 better not act like one

I like my hiding spot and free
The storms I borrowed for my leave
Get down from the majesty
I like these diamonds down my sleeve
Power and grace
Sophisticated craze
The men try to hide their pitying face
Marble and gold littered on coal
I try my luck a few million times in fool




I love writing, music and grapes

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I love writing, music and grapes

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