How do we make this work

Photo by steffi harms on Unsplash

Song by Devika

Crashing down in agony
Breathing in the air
Litter toys and useless souls
I knew these gifts could stay
And wait for this day
Gosh it’s hard to keep this up
After all we never tried
I hope to see your better smile
And the laugh I failed to like

Shattered glass shards in kitchen walls
And lovers night on screens
I wish this never would have begun
The toxic rules and blinded seams
I fall into your trap laid out
But I guess I asked for this

How can we make this work
When the rain never stops
It’s reaching its glory and peace
But I know it is a dream

Lengthy poems and tiring tales
I heard your subtle wish
We were a curse or even worse
I felt your hate in lies and tears

I try to make this a better place
Hide the stitches down the drain
Rub off dabs of grease
And scent of lurking grief
I hide my mask and case
Down the alleyway
There’s no way left to go
I try to ring your bell
And let you know
May be all the time
Has been lost




I love writing, music and grapes

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I love writing, music and grapes

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