Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash

Song by Devika

Slipping away platitudes
Judgements of the sunken seats
We hide behind our packing bones
Try to cheer the crowded room
No more height to crush down low
We have fought eons ago
The bleeding never fails to stop

Break down the glasses
Painted in sync to your lies
Don’t you see with your eyes
The lightning stops at midnight
Thunder down your falling nails
Fearful of the ghostly haze
Struck out gold and ruby stones
But left with plastic rose

Mines under the scorching lights
Sights blinded with soaring kites
Tired of messes and tired of thrones
No more happy giggling crows
It’s always black and gold inlaid
Pour all dangers in your daze
Cut your fingers out of trust
In utter triumph and lust

Pleasure of lurking storms
Trying hard to break the walls
Down the road and up the street
Living close to sudden heat

No medicine in winter cold
It’s hard to move yet breathe along
To the studded songs and swaying moves
We catch up all the latest news

Nobody has a wish here
Nobody left to say
Apocalypse on rise and
Your tears don’t seem fake

Is it time for an autumn breeze
Or was is it a mistake
Tired of revenge and sweetened pain
Sensation of the place




I love writing, music and grapes

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I love writing, music and grapes

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